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  Excited, anxious or simply stressed? Area Orientation understands that everyone feels differently about moving to a new place – that’s why we offer a personal employee relocation service to all our clients.

We’re the Bangladesh’s largest independent relocation specialist and a leading provider of rental accommodation for business professionals and their families. With 27 years’ experience managing permanent and short-term home searches, we’re experts in looking after people before, during and after their move – wherever in the world that may be.   
  We assist the relocating employees in all aspects of their relocation to Dhaka, Bangladesh.  
  Visa and Immigration Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh  
  Area Orientation Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh  
  Home Search in Dhaka, Bangladesh  
  Area Guide and Pre-move in trip assistance to Dhaka, Bangladesh  
  Furnished and Serviced Apartments, In Dhaka, Bangladesh  
  School Search; Furniture rental; Car rental in Dhaka, Bangladesh  
  Translator Services; and settling in assistance in DhakaBangladesh  

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